WFD Status and Trend Assessment in Narrow Coastal Areas

The general goal of the project is to define how to produce higher resolution status and trend maps and products that are good representations of the prevailing conditions in our coastal waters. As mentioned above, the EU Commission has identified a number of shortcomings in the Swedish monitoring programs. It is therefore important to develop and improve the methods and results by including satellite data. The specific goal is to develop products to be used in the WFD process of classification, setting targets and standards, and formulate measures. The results from the project will hopefully be a cost-efficient complement to conventional monitoring data in order to reach full spatial coverage of Chl a and SD in the coastal zone as well as enhanced water type classification of water bodies. The final goal would be to start use the technique for national and regional status assessment and monitoring purposes, and finally implement the method in the next round of WFD status classification between 2019-2021.

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