L1/JUICE/RPWI – Radio & Plasma Wave Investigation

The RPWI provides an elaborate set of state-of-the-art electromagnetic fields and cold plasma instrumentation, where several different types of sensors will sample the thermal plasma, DC electric fields, electric and magnetic signals from radio, plasma waves and micrometeorite impacts, as well as monitoring the spacecraft potential and integrated EUV flux. The list of science objectives is very long, but among the highlights are the capability to investigate plasma electro-dynamics in the Jovian system, and in particular how the sub-surface oceans and their ionospheres of the icy Galilean moons couple electro-dynamically to the highly variable Jovian magnetosphere. Another goal of RPWI is to fully characterize radio emissions, making it possible to determine source locations and polarization of radio emissions from the aurora, Jupiter’s magnetosphere, Ganymede’smagnetosphere, and characterize their variability with time and response to external forcing. An exciting opportunity is to directly measure in-situ the partly ionized gas exhaust water-rich plumes above active surface regions on the icy moons, in particularly within the newly discovered Europa plume.

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