Antenna-Array Digital-Beamforming and Calibration Methods for the Next Generation Multi-Beam Spaceborne Radiometers for Ocean Observation

This research proposal is submitted as an application for funding of Dr. Marianna Ivashina (the Applicant) for a Research Fellowship for the next four years of her Associate Professor position, which she has recently obtained at Chalmers University of Technology, which has thus far primarily been funded through external grants of the Applicant. The key competence area of the Applicant is array antenna systems with specific emphasis on radio astronomy applications. The requested funding is essential toward realizing the Applicant’s professional ambition, i.e., to continue and expand her academic research career and establish a critical mass as a research group in the field of emerging technologies for digital-beamforming antenna arrays (DBAAs), such as those currently being considered for the future Earth Observation missions. With this Fellowship, the applicant will be able to (i) utilize her expertise and to develop a unifying multi-disciplinary theory for the beamforming and calibration of the next generation high-sensitivity multi-beam spaceborne radiometers employing DBAAs; (ii) contribute to the currently planned DBAA projects by ESA; (iii) get the opportunity to extend her initial expertise on remote-sensing technologies and EO techniques, and to ensure the dissemination of the gained knowledge.

Marianna Ivashina
Chalmers tekniska högskolan
Typ av bidrag
Doktorandtjänst (2år)
1 252 kkr
1 263 kkr
1 303 kkr
3 818 kkr