The 3rd meeting of the European Union Industry and Start-ups Forum on STM

Detta är EU:s inbjudan till företag för ‘The 3rd meeting of the European Union Industry and Start-ups Forum on STM’.
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NASA/Reto Stöckli/NOAA.
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Following the adoption of the Joint Communication on STM, DG Defence Industry and Space (DEFIS) together with the European Space Surveillance and Tracking Partnership (EU SST), launched the European Union Industry and Start-ups Forum on STM (EISF), which will be a sub-group of the STM Stakeholder Mechanism (Special Expert Group on STM).

The EISF aims at fostering the innovation and competitiveness of the SST commercial sector to achieve a higher level of strategic autonomy in the European Union. In this respect, the EISF intends to serve as a mechanism, teaming up with the European Union space industry and start-ups in a regular and constructive dialogue.

The inaugural event took place in April 2022 whereas the 2nd Meeting was held in November 2022. General information can be found on DG DEFIS’ website.

Three specific Working Groups have been established as an integral part of the EISF:

  • Working Group 1 on Commercial data provision will focus on the acquisition of SST commercial data coming from sensors owned by the European Union Industry and start-ups, on-ground but also eventually space-based sensors;
  • Working Group 2 on R&D on innovative commercial sensors and value chain will focus on research and development of innovative commercial sensors, which are expected to increase the overall EU SST system performance by providing high quality SST data at best value for money. Topics covering the value chain will be considered with the objective to improve the overall EU SST performance; and
  • Working Group 3 on Services will focus on the EU SST potential provision of new services, ensuring a minimum level of spaceflight safety and relying on European Union industry and start-ups. The goal is to avoid affecting the competitiveness of the industry. This Working Group will also focus on the potential role of EU SST acting as a public facilitator and enabler of commercial services possibly through the establishment of a European platform supporting commercial services.

The European Union space industry and start-up representatives are invited to express their interest to participate in one or several Working Groups through the present survey, registrations remain open.

The next meeting is scheduled on the 22nd and 23rd February 2023. The 3rd Meeting will be organized sequentially at Working Group level in order to allow participation into various clusters.

For further details, questions and participation conditions into the EISF please contact our team via the functional mailbox at