Space Proof of Concept

Välkommen till SPoC, Space Proof of Concept, ett kreativt och utforskande event om hur man tränar AI-modeller i rymden.
Fönster från ISS
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AI Sweden, Rymdstyrelsen och Nationella rymddatalabbet bjuder in till tre dagars hackaton. Nedan följer en presentation på engelska.

Welcome to SPoC, Space Proof of Concept, a creative and explorative event on how to train AI models in space - the ultimate edge!

AI Sweden, the Swedish National Space Agency and the Space Data Lab together with you and partners aim to generate PoC:s for space, utilizing the infrastructure in Edge Lab as a simulated space setting as close to real space as possible.

The event will include inspirational speakers and a keynote by Christer Fuglesang, access to edge devices (simulated satellites) and space data from Copernicus Satallites in the Edge Lab.

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