Open call to researchers in Sweden to apply for funding for Technology Research for space applications, 2020-T.
Technology Research for space applications,  2020-T
Oleg Skripochka
Sista ansökningsdag:
2020-10-06 14:00
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The Swedish National Space Agency (SNSA, Rymdstyrelsen) intends to support Technology Research for space applications and invites proposals adhering to the following criteria:

  • Applicants must make probable that excellent results within Technology Research can be achieved within a grant period of 1-4 years and result in publication in esteemed journals for Technology Research.
  • The foreseen results should have important long-term applications in future space activities.

It can involve technology for space craft, sounding rockets, high-altitude
balloons, or ground-based equipment in support of space activities.

Proposals may also include requests for dedicated 4-year support to a doctoral student position (the bullets above must still be fulfilled).

Full instruction to call 2020-T (PDF)