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KEYSTONE – Automated image supply solution

There is a clear and growing interest and usage of remotely sensed imagery. At the same time, the increased demand is exposing constraints and shortfalls in the existing processes and infrastructure for access to such imagery.

The overall aim of the Keystone project is to provide a next-generation technological platform in the form of a generic system for automated ordering, processing and delivery of orthoimage products. This will serve to boost Spacemetric’s sales of customised leading-edge remote sensing production solutions to the international market by:

  • Dramtically reducing manual intervention in the image supply process
  • Significantly reduce image delivery times
  • Replace the scene-based perspective with a user-based view
  • Enable much higher levels of overall customer service and customer satisfaction.

A demonstration of a working system is planned during the project. This will consist of a satellite tasking, data reception and orthoprocessing service to provide rapid turnaround of imaging requirements worldwide.

Spacemetric’s partner in the demonstration is the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC), specifically the Satellite Operations division that includes the Esrange ground station.

The technical solution is based on the image server developed in the MUIS2WMS project run by Spacemetric for the European Space Agency.

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