Education hero


Part of the Swedish National Space Agency's (SNSA) mission is to inspire young people to study science and technology. We want to support students' interest in space throughout the school period - from pre-school, through primary and secondary school to university and college.

Through the European Space Agency (ESA) we offer teachers in Sweden to further their education in space-related subjects. The continuing education is free of charge and consists of both one- and two-day courses as well as distance education that gives university credits. The latter also includes a field course where the theoretical knowledge is tested in practice.

The SNSA offers university and college students internships at NASA and summer school in Alpbach, as well as the opportunity to develop and test their own balloon and rocket experiments within the Rexus and Bexus programs. We also disseminate information on various courses that lead to work in the space sector and publish information on vacant space jobs, both international and national.

Through Sweden's commitment to ESA, we offer internships for those who have completed their university education, even for those who have completed their doctorate.