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Satellite analysis for biotope mapping and planning

The project idea is to adapt and operationalize semi-automatically produced data from satellite data that can contribute to and enhance the production of a biotape database . The idea of the project proposal is a spin-off from an earlier SNSB financed project, in which it was concluded that despite promising results there is need for further work to accomplish the goal. The main input data is HR and VHR satellite data (SPOT-5 and Pleiades) in combination with CadasterENV classification , elevation information (Lidar) and ancillary data like buildings and road network. Same classes in the existing biotape map refer to measures, such as the mix between impervious surfaces and vegetation in a built-up area . The challenge is to delineate areas belonging to the same context and to provide attribute information for these areas. Further segmentation , GIS analysis and/ar filter techniques will be combined to generate delineations separating areas on a detailed level, with the possibility to aggregate them automatically with regard to different attributes and features.

 The main use for biotape databases is planning, which includes analyses of green infrastructure, connectivity and as input to ecosystem service valuation . The analytical methods within these fields are developed at a fast pace with high demands on input data (as biotape databases) . The proposed project includes the benefits of linking the need of the final user when developing the production methodology of a biotape database . The project will recommend how the biotape database should be designed to work for different analytical use (green infrastructure, connectivity, ecosystem services, etc), regarding thematic  classes, class attributes, resolution/scale , management of mosaic classes, format etc


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