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Space Activities in Sweden

What we do

The main goals of the Swedish space programme are to promote the use of space for public applications (e.g. environment, climate, communication and transport), and to increase the competitiveness of Swedish space industry and scientific institutions.

The key programme areas are magnetospheric and ionospheric research, astronomical studies, remote sensing, observation of the Earth's atmosphere and environment and specialized industrial competence (technology development), including development of small cost-efficient satellites. Promoting R&D is the main task of SNSA. Nationally special focus is put on for example on-board computers, telecom equipment, nano-technology and formation flying platforms. 

International cooperation is absolutely essential for a country like Sweden. The main framework for Sweden is ESA. Even the so called national projects are in fact mostly carried out in cooperation with other countries. Sweden´s main partner in bilateral cooperation is France. The low‑cost short-term profile represented by the Swedish-multilateral Viking, Freja and Odin scientific satellites is an important complement to the more expensive and long-term projects of ESA and of the large space-faring nations.