Presentationer från mötet 24-25 mars 2010

Onsdag 24 mars 2010

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Olle Norberg, “Reflections on SNSB:s future strategy”
Heiner Körnich, “Dynamical perspectives on middle atmosphere research in Sweden”
Patrick Eriksson, “Measurements of cloud ice properties with Odin and other satellites”
Kevin Noone (invited speaker), “Beyond climate change: Keeping track of planetary boundaries”
Göran Östlin, “Sweden, Europe, Universe - A cosmic vision on Swedish astronomy from space 2015-2025”
Mark Pearce, “Astrophysics in our own backyard using stratospheric balloons”
Per Tesch, “Flywheel to the Moon: A paradigm to combat muscle and bone loss in space”
Lembit Sihver, “Human exposure to radiation in space and dose estimations using Monte Carlo simulations”
SNSB session, Kristine Dannenberg, Per Magnusson, Lennart Nordh
Malcolm Fridlund (invited speaker), “Herschel's first 300 days in space”.

Torsdag 25 mars 2010

Yifang Ban, “Urban remote sensing”
Johan Kleman, “Remote Sensing of past ice sheet beds”
Göran Marklund, “Multi-point probing of universal plasma processes in the Earth:s Magnetosphere”
Henrik Lundstedt, “Sun-Earth Research with SOHO, TRACE and SDO”
Hans Rickman, “The early solar system”
Mats Holmström, “The interaction of the solar wind with planets”
Wolf Geppert, "Formation of biomolecule precursors in solar and extrasolar planets"
Alexis Brandekar, "Exposing the gas of planet-forming circumstellar disks" 

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