Evaluation of MERIS

Evaluation of MERIS processors for monitoring of Lake Mälaren and Lake Vänern, 2009

Project description


Since 2006, two connected user projects have been/are being funded by SNSB and end-users to develop a monitoring system for the large Swedish lakes based on remote sensing. The choice of image processing methods before the production of water quality information last year, were defined within the user project and also based on results reported in the research literature. During recent evaluations together with the end-users some of the results for Lake Mälaren and Vänern was found to be less realistic. A brief check of the image data showed that the chosen image processor might not be the optimal one for these two lakes. A number of new processors (C2R, BUB, BOR and EUL) have been developed during the last year, and we would therefore like to compare the different possibilities a bit more thoroughly before we start processing the satellite data collected during 2009. These new processors have been developed based on data that are more specific for lakes and the results have been improved. The main purpose with this project is to compare the different available image processors for atmospheric correction of satellite images over Lake Mälaren and Lake Vänern and the goal is to decide which one to use for the production of water quality information in Mälaren and Vänern during 2009.



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